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  • Graphene — is a one atom thick planar sheet of sp2 bonded carbon atoms that are densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice. It can be viewed as an atomic scale chicken wire made of carbon atoms and their bonds. The name comes from GRAPHITE + ENE;… …   Wikipedia

  • Graphène —  Ne doit pas être confondu avec graphème. Graphène Molécule de graphène …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Graphene — Graphen ([gʁa feːn], engl. graphene) ist die Bezeichnung für einen zweidimensionalen hexagonalen Kristall aus sp2 gebundenen Kohlenstoff Atomen. Diese monoatomare Kohlenstoffschicht wurde zum ersten Mal verwendet, um den Aufbau und die… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Graphene nanoribbons — (also called nano graphene ribbons), often abbreviated GNRs, are thin strips of graphene or unrolled single walled carbon nanotubes. Graphene ribbons were originally introduced as a theoretical model by Mitsutaka Fujita and co authors to examine… …   Wikipedia

  • Graphene oxide paper — is a composite material with stiffness and strength superior to all other materials Fact|date=May 2008, with the exception of diamond.The paper is fabricated from graphene oxide. It stacks well in layers, which may be able to be chemically… …   Wikipedia

  • graphene — noun a) Any polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon having the structure of part of a layer of graphite. b) An arbitrarily large scale, one atom thick layer of graphite, an allotrope of carbon, that has remarkable electric characteristics …   Wiktionary

  • graphene — UK [ˈɡræfiːn] / US [ˈɡræfɪn] noun [uncountable] chemistry a material that consists of a layer of carbon that is only one atom thick …   English dictionary

  • graphene — /græˈfin/ (say gra feen) noun a simple atom thin sheet of dense carbon atoms in a crystal lattice structure, used as a transparent conductor of electricity, as in computer touch screens …  

  • graphene layer — noun a single layer of a graphite molecule …   Wiktionary

  • Графен — Пожалуйста, актуализируйте данные В этой статье данные предоставлены преимущественно за 2007 2008 гг …   Википедия

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